Data Protection

Where would you be without your data?

Sources claim over 80% of organisations who suffer significant data loss will struggle or cease to trade within 18 months.

Secure data protection and security is integral to any organisation and should be treated as a key asset within your business. Sycura understands the importance of safe and reliable data protection solutions.

Sycura provides a range of data protection solutions to address these needs by analysing your particular vulnerabilities and making provision for tackling the key pillars of data protection and security:


sycura_swirl Backup (on-site or remote backup) Services
sycura_swirl Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Protection
sycura_swirl Power Continuity
sycura_swirl Anti-SPAM Solutions
sycura_swirl Mail Continuity
sycura_swirl Data Archiving


Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) are essential in the event of any IT failure to ensure your organisation can get back up and running as quickly as possible. Sycura can document a DRP for your organisation to include all elements of your IT infrastructure.

Furthermore, we provide a comprehensive IT Asset Management service to centralise your organisation’s IT inventory and key security information. This also means that if it came to a system rebuild, we have the information required to do this quickly and without further investigation of system configurations.

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